Assist Belt™ - Toddler Safety Harness Assistant

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Do you often train your toddler to walk by holding their arms? Toddlers and pre - schoolers are at risk for a common elbow injury called nursemaid's elbow.  Though it doesn’t cause long-term damage, there is still some pain the child can experience.

Improve your toddler’s balance with Assist Belt™!

Toddler Safety Harness Assistant is designed to help improve the balance and stability of your toddler during this learning step! This harness is wrapped snugly around your child’s torso, promoting proper posture as they practice how to walk. It is equipped with adjustable straps not only to tailor your child’s height but also provide you comfort.

Product Specifications

  • Made of cotton for comfort
  • Size: (L) 61cm/24.02'' x (W) 28cm/11.02'' x (H) 16cm/6.30''


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