Booty Shaper™- Miracle Booty Lifter

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“I am very happy with this plush. I am pleasantly surprised. It is very soft and squishy. It feels very well made and high quality. Would highly recommend!”
—Lisa A., Zuiry customer


You workout to attain the perfect butt shape, but don't get the results you want?

The Booty Shaper™ is just what you need! This push-up padded undergarment lifts your butt, adding a full cheek size and giving you the bubble butt illusion you’ve always wanted.

Amplifies your butt curves and visibly reduced waistline to create that sexy hourglass figure.

The Miracle Booty Lifter is made of combined nylon and spandex for full flexibility and comfort! It also discreetly conforms to the shape of your body, giving that seamless, natural look.

Feel and look sexy with this buttock shaper.

“Very fluffy and soft! Love this corgi!”
—Kim M., Zuiry customer


Instantly add more size and shape to your booty! Booty Shaper™ is seamless and will assure that no lines can be seen on your pants. Get a sexier look while also assuring you stay comfortable.

Add a booty boost to your curves! This shaper short has a contour rear to enhance your shape while the removable padding adds volume. It has undetectable edges with incredibly thin fabric, yet with control that packs a punch! It controls your tummy, hips, waistline and inner thighs.

Discover your cute new sexy butt with these brilliant padded panties. This unique butt-lifting underwear features a padded bottom to make your rear look rounder and fuller.

Wear them under your favorite form-fitting skirts, denim, pants and other attire for a plump boost to your buttocks—and your confidence! Unlike other padded underwear for women, these panties are very comfortable to wear, all day or all night.

— Can be worn underneath any type of clothing.
— For that little extra booty boost!
— Adds Dimension and a beautiful curve.
— Tummy Control – sucks you in
— Sexy, Comfortable and Invisible
— Instantly gives the butt a boost.

— 1 x Booty Shaper