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Clever Spatula™- Amazing 2-in-1 Non-Stick Spatula Tongs

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Are you having trouble using your wooden or steel spatula when cooking? Worry no more!

Introducing, the Clever Spatula™ - Amazing 2-in-1 Non-Stick Spatula Tongs! Tongs and spatula combination that helps you cook and serve your food, mess-free.

With Clever Spatula™, you can flip, cradle, grab, or scoop with one utensil alone. Perfect replacement for many of your kitchen tools. Hold these just like your regular tongs when cooking.

It includes a heat-resistant silicone tip, that is flat and flexible that can function like a spatula. Now you can grip and scoop without any hassle with this Amazing 2-in-1 Non-Stick Spatula Tongs!

Product Specifications

  • Made from Silicone Rubber and stainless steel 
  • Dishwasher safe, non-stick and heat resistant 
  • Available color: Green and Red 
  • Fits comfortably in your hands 
  • Easy to grip handle 

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