MicroPouch™- Microwaveable Veggie Cooking Pouch

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Looking for a way to cook your vegetables in the microwave without drying them out?

Ordinary plastic containers contain BPA making it harmful for your health.

MicroPouch™ is a microwavable cloth pouch used to cook potatoes or other vegetables quickly and easily in your microwave without drying them out. 

This Microwaveable Veggie Cooking Pouch is a reusable cooking pouch, it seals in the moisture in the pouch while retaining the flavor, texture, and nutrients of the food. It can also be used to warm your bread and pastries. Made from pure polyester, perfectly safe for cooking!

Product Features

  • Made of Polyester, safe for food 
  • Color: Red 
  • Fits up to 4 potatoes 
  • Perfect for steaming vegetables

Enjoy delicious, farm-fresh vegetables with the MicroPouch™!


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