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Peelr™- Premium Pineapple Peeler

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“It worked better than I expected, this is the easiest way to core & slice a pineapple.”
—Dan M., Zuiry customer


Pineapples can be pretty hard to peel and cut into, with its prickly outer layer and the hardcore.

The Peelr™ will core, peel and slice in one single operation! With high-performance stainless steel blades and easy to grip handle, the Peelr™ is easy to use.

The Premium Pineapple Peeler is a must-have for every pineapple lover! Just insert into pineapple, and twist and the results of your simple effort is one perfect spiral of sweet pineapple... complete with healthy juices!

The Peelr™ corer blade is manufactured with high-quality 304 stainless steel brushed metal for longevity. The Peelr™ corer works like a corkscrew, easily removing the flesh of the fruit in formed earrings while leaving the core in the shell. The pineapple's shell remains intact so you can use it for serving a sweet or fruit salad.

"We eat a lot of pineapples and have been preparing them by hand cutting the ends and sides off with a knife which takes several messy minutes. This corer/slicer takes me about 30 seconds with no mess. It is well worth the money!”
—Lynn F., Zuiry customer


Peelr™ is PERFECT for you if…

You Want Quick And Easy: Quickly and easily cut pineapples and remove the shell and core. All the juice is saved and not wasted.
You Want A Perfect Slice Every Time: Makes perfectly-shaped rings; preserves shell intact to use as a bowl. Ideal for a hostess gift or for tropically themed parties.
You Want A Heavy-Duty High-Quality Cutting Utensil: The Peelr™ is made with 304 stainless steel and has a thick blade that is very durable and easy to clean.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: The Peelr™ has more than twice the efficiency of other pineapple tools. Save valuable time and eliminate unnecessary trouble. Takes just a few seconds and you can enjoy a delicious fruit feast!

UNIQUE DESIGN: Simple and not complicated, the Peelr™ has a sharp cutting edge... minimizing waste and easily cuts the pineapple. Creates the perfect pineapple ring shape and keeps your hands clean of the sticky juice. It can also be used with apples, pears, tomatoes, and peaches.

FOOD SAFE: This kitchen tool is a BPA-Free, FDA-Approved and made from pure 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel that is essential for every fruit lover and health fanatic.

EASY TO USE: Has ergonomic, soft-touch, strong non-slip grip handle with measurement markings for easy quick coring and slicing of fresh pineapples. The markings measure your pineapple's height before slicing so you how far to go before you hit the bottom of the fruit.

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Easily grab the handle and twist down for effective spiral slicing.

SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL: FDA-Approved and made with pure 100% food grade 304 (18-10) stainless steel pipe and blade. Strong corrosion resistance, BPA-Free, seamless stitching, won't rust and is highly durable. High-quality ABS handle with rugged flexible spring button. Easy to disassemble and clean up.

— 1 x Peelr™