ProClean™- Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Rose Gold

Did you know your makeup brushes are FULL of built-up old makeup, bacteria, and dead skin debris? 

Without proper cleaning, this build up is being applied to your face every time you put fresh makeup on with these dirty brushes!

The ProClean™ Makeup Brush Cleaner fixes this problem in SECONDS by spinning all the buildup and bacteria off, leaving your brushes perfectly clean, dry, and ready to go to work!

Say goodbye to the messy & time consuming hand washing method, and hello to your new best friend - the ProClean™ Professional  Makeup Brush Cleaner!

Packing List:

  • Jar * 1
  • Handle * 1
  • Connector * 1
  • Silica Gel Column * 8
  • Base * 1
  • Manual * 1


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