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SealFresh™- Amazing Portable Mini Sealer


“Best little gadget works really well even my granddaughter uses it for fast closure of chips and cereal bags Magnet is great for placing on fridge for easy access!”
—Jane S., Zuiry Customer

Keep Your Food Fresh!

Maintain the flavor and texture of your food and snack in just a few seconds

The primary cause of food going bad is exposure to humidity and the air; changing the composition of the food itself. Eating food that has gone bad can be a great health risk.

Avoid these health risks with SealFresh™. This amazing portable mini sealer seals food and maintains freshness and nutrients. It seals plastic bag in an instant, creating an airtight seal. It has a magnetic base so you can stick it conveniently on your fridge, ready to use anytime. Even seals a bag full of water!

“Great kitchen gadget....keep it handy! you will be amazed at how many time you will use it; once you get "used" to using it. Even works on non-zip bags. Great for chips, bread, cereal, cookies...even the the box (i.e.cereal) Didn't give it 5 starts only because it is not as solid/sturdy as the one I had before. Still a great product...function and environmentally.”
—Andrea S., Zuiry Customer

Save On Storage Food Bags And The Environment!

Features micro-thermal technology, seals virtually any plastic bag quickly and easily.
Can seal superplastic bags Such as PVC, PE, PP & PET bags up to 0.45mm thickness.
Takes only 3 seconds to heat up
Having your food airtight and safe will keep you healthy and free from any risk of food poisoning.
Convenient adhesive and provide protection against the tile, mold-proof.
You simply slide it along the edge of any bag to seal airtight.
You simply slide it along the edge of any bag to seal airtight.
Mini size, portable and elegant design.
Save money and reduce waste by buying in bulk and prolong the life of food.
Ideal for traveling, boating, workshop, picnics, winter storage, cosmetics hobbies, and gardening
With a magnetic base so you can store it conveniently on your fridge or freezer

Feature: Eco-Friendly
Powered By: 2 x AA battries (Not Included)

— 1 x SealFresh™

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