Sleep Tight™ - Dental Night Protector (Anti-Teeth Grind)

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Put an end to nighttime teeth grinding!

Stress and anxiety can cause us to grind our teeth incessantly, but for others, it may be a habit done in their sleep.

Reduce the risk of developing dental issues such as TMJ and Bruxism with the Dental Night Protector (Anti-Teeth Grind)!

Sleep Tight™ is a mouthpiece made from high-quality silicone that molds to fit the shape of your upper and lower teeth. It is designed to provide comfort and protection, preventing teeth grinding while you sleep.

Product Features:

  • Made of high-quality silicone, BPA, and latex-free!
  • Moldable to custom fit your teeth
  • Doubles as an athletic mouth guard or a teeth-whitening tray
  • Comes with a hygiene case to protect against germs and bacteria in the air


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